"The Meeps"

The Meeps

These are my Zebra finches, affectionately known as the Meeps, after their locative call.

The male is named Danny, after Danny Elfman, because they both have bright orange hair and sound like a horn section.

Don't believe me? Compare:

The female is Matilda, for no particular reason other than she looks like a Matilda.

Danny and Matilda

Sittin' on the Front Perch

New Home, New Toys

Here they are when they first moved in to their new flight cage. They really like the extra room for flying around. And they got some extra toys, too, like the "bungie" perch...

Underneath the Mistletoe (OK, Rose)

Happy Matilda

Matilda's Favorite Treat, Millet

Mmmm... Millet

... which is great for holding roses (which they love to tear up) and millet, their favorite food in the whole wide world ("Mmmm... Millet"). They had lots of fun in their new home:

Curious Dan

High-fashion Matilda

Hmmm, what's this silver box with one eye?

High-fashion Matilda, getting ready for Oscar night.

Things were going so well, they decided to become "Daddy" and "Materna".

Not knowing their genders, I designated the little ones by their fledging order: Abel, Baker, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

Matilda and nestlings


Matilda with the baby Meeps. (Echo?, Charlie?, Delta?, Abel, and Baker)

Abel, still unfledged, with little Charlie peeking out. The rest are under there somewhere.

Abel looking out


Abel, checking out the wide world.

Abel, ready to try flying. Zebra finches are born knowing how to fly... it's just that darn steering and landing they're not too good at.

Danny and Abel

Baker on Nest

Abel, out and about with Papa Danny.

Baker in the high eyrie



Delta, on the nice, stable ground.

Delta kept to the ground for the most part, in no hurry to grow up.


Baker Poolside

Echo, the tiniest of all. I kept a light bulb on for her (?) to keep her warm, but she died one night anyway when she got away from it, which was really sad :-(

Baker, hanging out by the pool (actually a leaf dish for sushi)


Charlie Poolside

Charlie (actually a girl), with a spent millet sprig and the birdbath

Charlie, looking cute poolside.



Delta, the glamorous one, posing on the bungie

Delta again. Still not much of a flyer, she rode on my finger up to the bungie for this shot.

Delta on my Finger

Delta on my Finger

It's not that she couldn't fly, she just didn't like to. So she was quite safe to take outside the cage for some action photos.

One of my last photos of Delta. A few days later, she died of a fungal infection :-(

Once Zebra finches reach a certain age, their parents chase them off to go live in some other tree somewhere. Unfortunately, in captivity there is no other tree. So I separated the parents from the kids by putting them back in their little cage. While I was at it, I gave the big cage a good scrubbing and let them all hang out in the bedroom. Baker was the last holdout for getting back in the flight cage, and was the least afraid, so I got some photos of him in the open.

Baker on a Planter

Baker found this planter had a nice view and some moss to pick at.

He also posed for a few fashion shots on this piece of paper.
The camera loves ya, baby!

Strike the Pose

Work It!

The Camera Loves Ya, Baby

The Meep Pyramid

Charlie and Baker in Nest

Despite having a nest to sleep in, the little Meeps still insist on sleeping in pyramid configuration for warmth.

But they will explore the nest in the daytime.

Charlie and Abel

Charlie, Baker, and Abel

Charlie and Abel. Note that Abel's starting to get orange cheeks, chest stripes, and brown-with-white-spots on his sides. His song is improving, too.

Something interesting must be going on in the parents' cage next door.

Baker and Abel

Baker checks out the nest while Abel rests on the front perch.