Some MediaMax silliness

These are some images I made to amuse and/or annoy some people I work with at a place downtown called MediaMax.


During the election results coverage of 2000, I fled to the Cartoon Network in search of more meaningful programming, and discovered what is now one of my "most favoritest" cartoons: the Powerpuff Girls. I began to notice some physical and personality similarities with some of the people I worked with at Media Max, and was stuck at home with nothing much to do one rainy Saturday afternoon. So I drew some characters up in Illustrator, and found (to my surprise) a Powerpuff font. This image is the result.

'The MediaMax Girls' A conglomeration of the drawings, on the appropriate racing-by orange background.

After doing the first one, I put together these desktop images from the Illustrator sources, only with different backgrounds and names.

'Tracy as Blossom' Tracy, commander and the leader.


'Leeanne as Buttercup' Leeanne, she's the toughest fighter.

'Ted as Professor Utonium' Ted, who accidentally added Chemical X to the concoction.


'The Pigkiller' The Pigkiller is an old, way-inside joke involving a postcard, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and Kirk, who I think looks like the pigkiller. Anyway, nobody outside mmax will get the joke, but I liked how the mushroom cloud came out. They're just lucky I haven't done MediaMax: Beyond Thunderdome - yet!