Miscellaneous weirdness. Don't expect to "get" most of this...

Archer Lake

'Archer Lake'

A friend of mine snapped this picture of a Battletech miniature. I virtually painted it in a leopard motif and posed it coming up out of a lake near Mt. Saint Helens.

Battle Hamster

'Battle Hamster'

Another bad Battletech reference. See, some friends of mine were really into this online game where they piloted two-story imaginary robots, and they took to using silly names for the 'mechs. "Battle Hamster" was taken from a spoof called "FurryTech". Anyway, on hearing the name, my first thought was, "<chuckle> I can just imagine what the noseart would look like!" Voila!

Capri Sun

'Capri Sun'

One of my very first Photoshop endeavours. In a game of Dungeons and Dragons (yeah, I know, how geeky can you get?), a friend's halfling got attacked by bloodsucking stirges and drained "like a Capri Sun". We got to joking about it around the office, and somebody had a Capri Sun to scan...



Next to Scott (the aforementioned halfling), Calvin has probably borne the brunt of my Photoshop silliness. This is a little something I put together when he was fighting with a software package called Emu. Oh, and his last name is 'Cannon'.

House Cow

'House Cow'

NOT a Photoshop project. This is an actual-size Hereford calf in my aunt and uncle's house. It was born prematurely and was too frail to survive outside. That's a normal-sized dining room table and chairs in the background. Incase you're not up on newborn cow sizes - this one's *really small*.

For more perspective, here's feeding time. Note that the dog is *larger* than the cow.

'House Cow'

Queasy Bee

'Queasy Bee'

A few years ago, my long-time sole mode of transport, a Crystal Blue 1990 Ford Escort, was having a lot of problems. I took to calling it the Queasy Bee - after its license, which begins with QZB. Right about this time, I did the noseart for the Battle Hamster, and got to wondering what the Queasy Bee's would look like...