Assorted silliness, by midst

"YouCant" Images:

These are images I've created for You Can't Do That on Star Trek, a wonderful outlet for misguided creativity. Every so often I get a request for personal use of one of my images, and I send along a larger version. The gallery images are the same size as they are (or would be) on YCDTOST, but are also links to larger versions. Feel free to use these for backgrounds, cubicle décor, etc. - just don't claim it as your own. Also, please ask before posting them on a website, newsgroup, bulletin board, or similar medium.




I saw the picture and knew exactly what needed to happen. I scoured the 'net looking for a suitable Eggo box, to no avail. Then, when hope was fading, the US Postal Service and my neighborhood Safeway provided me with the image I required.

  'Pulp Trek'

This is half of a "bookend" set (see "The Rejects" below), probably the lesser image compositing wise, but with more recognizable context, and better overall image quality. I just thought Uma looked vaguely familiar. No, I don't know what "sassy" means in this context.

'A Ship Called Voyager'

After a long sabbatical from YouCant, I was itching to do a new image. I went browsing through my collection of movie poster images in search of an appropriate victim. The characters just seemed to fit somehow.


I've always related to the characters in "Peanuts" - as a child I even took to drawing Snoopys for classmates. After the death of Charles Schulz, I was musing about the "Peanuts" gang, and I began to notice some parallels, so I began jotting down notes. The more I thought about it, the more obvious it became - this image would have to be made. I fiddled with it every so often, adding a character or two at a time, or perhaps jotting down some new idea. But I'd go sometimes a month without working on it. Finally, someone posted a collage of cartoon equivalences, including Picard as C.B., and I figured I'd better finish it while it was still (mostly) original.

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Even while YouCant is down, I still occasionally feel the need to just play around. When the site's back up, I'll probably submit this unless somebody's already done it or I come up with something better.


'Trek Twist'

Not a reject, really, as the companion piece was accepted (see "The Cut", above). Hard to tell that it's Travolta in a twist contest, plus I tried to match the (horrible) color balance of the original image.

  'Hair Club'

Saw the Kirk picture - knew I had to make him Sy. Something about the concept of tribble toupees just cried out for expression.



Made this shortly after submitting (all at once) "Eggo", the "Twist" images, and "Hair Club". Phil thought I should pace myself, so I held off submitting it. Later, I just thought it had been done to death and sent in "Ship" instead. Though I was kind of happy with how Jabba's palace turned out.

  'Kor Cares'

I was looking at the "Three Kings" website one day, and thought, "Kor, Saddam; hey, why not?" I was going to put the caption in Klingon (in place of Arabic) in the red stripe, but decided the whole thing was too obscure to be recognized.